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New Intern

The Basics
Your Weaknesses:Men and Chocolate
Your Strengths:Music and apparently, Ecology
Your Talents:Singing. but aren't talent similar to Strengths?

Favorite Color(s) and why?: Green, it used to be black but then I got out of that phase. Green is just so much fun. Plus, I have an obsession with the musical Wicked...and Elphaba is GREEN!
Favorite Place(s) and why?: I can enjoy any place as long as I am with friends. But I really would love to see Europe. I like my room even when I am alone.
Favorite Movie(s) and why?:Factory girl. It is divine. And Life As A House...Lovely.
Favorite Book(s) and why?:perks of being a wallflower. It was so moving. And The Average American Male..because it is what I am reading right now.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why?:Grey's Anatomy and PRivate Practice..duh. I also like ANTM, Chuck, Bones (love it so much), House, and Big Shots...and Ugly Betty.
Favorite Food(s) and why?: chocolate. And ice cream I'm not picky with ice cream it is lovely. all of it. especially if you can make it into a milkshake, because I just adore milkshakes.

GA Related
Which character (no matter how obscure) would you like to be your best friend? Why?: McSteamy. I couldn't hate him, but I would never date him.
Which character would you like to be involved with romantically? Why?: Karev. There is a good guy hiding in there somewhere.
Which relationship would you choose out of those on the show? Why?: I would have liked to see things work out for Addie and McSteamy. I liked the chemistry.

Digging Deeper
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?: Party all day with all of my best friends. Tell off everyone that I had an issue with. I would live life, try everything I never tried because it was too dangerous.
Put the following words in order according to your priorities : Self, Money, Love, Power, Family: Love, Family, Self, Money, Power

Promote the community in one place and show us the link. (promo banners are in the userinfo):
Vote on atleast one other app. (Just state the name of who you voted on): Mark
Do you mind what gender you are stamped as?: Nope.
Anything else you'd like to share with the class?: I love you...

My picture thing is being evil. Here's a linkage to my Myspace.
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