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The Basics
Name: Leslie
Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Location: The middle of nowhere [also known as Roanoke], VA.
Your Weaknesses: I'm really hard on myself. I have an inferiority complex. I have major self-esteem issues. I'm probably much more Type A than I realize, but definitely much more than I want to be. I don't trust people easily. It's hard for me to make friends, and even harder for me to keep them. I fall in [and out of] love much too easily. I'm a grammar snob. I have expensive taste. I'm an overachiever. I have an intense love for the font Times New Roman.
Your Strengths: I work hard. I take an impossibly hard schedule and make A's in every class [except AP Chemistry]. I'm compassionate. I'm an excellent Photoshopper. I'm a really, really good writer. I'm an incredible shoe shopper. I'm really good at keeping my emotions to myself. I'm a good listener. I'm very, very mature for my age.
Your Talents: Singing [two-time All-Virginia Chorus delegate], acting [2006 Virginia High School League Region III Best Actor], writing [perfect score on the Virginia Writing SOL, 740 out of 800 on the SAT Writing section]. I can also make a three-leaved clover with my tounge.

Favorite Color(s) and why? I have many favorite colors, but my favorite favorite is blue. I love how many shades it can be, whether light or dark, and how each one is simply beautiful. I also love the impeccable blue of the sky above the clouds, seen from an airplane window.
Favorite Place(s) and why? I've had the privilege of traveling around most of the world, but my very favorite place is the football stadium at Virginia Tech. On gameday, the energy is absolutely palpable and totally contagious. I love the atmosphere.
Favorite Movie(s) and why? It's a toss-up between two films: Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain. I love Nicole Kidman, and she's simply incredible in both. I love the energy of Moulin Rouge, and I love the sincerity of Cold Mountain.
Favorite Book(s) and why? I love reading, so I've got many favorite books - Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, This Side of Paradise and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The World I Made for Her by Thomas Moran, just to name a few. Cold Mountain is set during the Civil War, which is my favorite time period about which to learn. F. Scott Fitzgerald is an incredible writer, one from whom I learn a lot as a writer myself. The storyline in The World I Made for Her is so genuine and heartfelt, one to which everyone can relate.
Favorite Television Show(s) and why? Most definitely Grey's Anatomy =D I want to be a doctor, so watching it inspires me to continue to follow my dream. But more than that, I find myself in many of the characters and their struggles.
Favorite Food(s) and why? Like I said, I've been able to travel the world, so it makes sense that my favorite foods are foreign. I love raclette, a Swiss dish in which ham, cheese, and vegetables are melted together in a little dish and then poured over baked potatoes. It's a lot of fun to eat because it's such a group activity - all the little melting dishes go into one large oven-like thing in the middle of the table. One of my other favorite meals is shabu-shabu, a Japanese dinner in which there's a large Dutch-oven-like pot set on a boiler in the middle of the table. Meats, vegetables, and such are stirred through the boiling water, then dipped in some sort of sauce and eaten. Again, it's a very community-oriented meal, plus it tastes amazing =)

GA Related
Which character (no matter how obscure) would you like to be your best friend? Why? I think Meredith and I would be great best friends. We've got so much in common that we'd probably immediately click.
Which character would you like to be involved with romantically? Why? I would love to love Dr. Shepherd. Not only is he incredibly attractive, but he's such a wonderful boyfriend to Meredith it almost makes me sick. He's almost exactly the type of boyfriend I've been looking for but haven't found.
Which relationship would you choose out of those on the show? Why? I'm actually really intrigued by Cristina and Burke's relationship. Something about it is captivating - maybe how it has been kept under wraps so well.

Digging Deeper
If you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? I would call up my ex-boyfriend, tell him that I'm madly in love with him, and then I'd probably work on setting everything right for my family. Boring, I know.
Put the following words in order according to your priorities : Self, Money, Love, Power, Family Love, Family, Self, Money, Power.

Promote the community in one place and show us the link. (promo banners are in the userinfo) Here =).
Vote on at least one other app. (Just state the name of who you voted on) foresworn
Do you mind what gender you are stamped as? Not at all.
Anything else you'd like to share with the class? I suppose you'd like to see some pictures!

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